About RedVoIP Networks

RedVoIP Networks was founded by 3 young and energetic technopreneurs who joined hands to start a retail VoIP business, with a motive of providing reliable and stable retail VoIP services. Our story spans back to 1999, the era of the .com bubble. Internet and related technologies were at its peak and everyone wanted a piece of it, so did we. It wasn’t before too long we realized that VoIP technologies have a natural tendency to change rapidly, and to make things worse, new technologies cost a lot. New products, new services – creates the need for new hardware and new platforms. While there were many open source alternatives, not all alternatives are capable of providing the features and stability of commercial grade products / technologies. We’ve seen many companies starting business and then dying sooner or later due to the changes and demands of technology. Small and medium enterprises with good business models and ideas often undergo a pitiful death due to technology affordability and keeping itself up to date. Organizations which could’ve thrived were only surviving, which could’ve made money spin were spinning themselves - it hasn’t been an easy run for us either. It’s been said, many things in life are learnt best when its learn the hard way – and sure we stood to witness that statement. Learning from experience and sensing the need of the industry, RedVoIP was incorporated in 2004 to make VoIP technology affordable to all. Let it be a startup entrepreneur, or a Small/Medium VoIP business that wants to grow more, we made a promise to our-self, we’ll make the technology available to them, and even better, we’ll make it affordable! Since then, we’ve been catering to the needs of many VoIP service providers and ITSP’s. To prove and live to the promise of high end, stable and affordable technology, the initial retail VoIP Company still is operational, and is very successfully run using platforms provided by us. RedVoIP Networks is a fully owned subsidiary of TSeyva Pte Ltd, Singapore. We’ve walked our talk, and we invite you to jointly walk with us – to achieve even greater heights!

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